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Issue III, Vol. XXV, No. 291 | November 2019

News and happenings for, by, about and affecting the LGBT Valley.
Project of Community Link, Inc: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Service Organization. 
EST. September 1995

Community Link Projects

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John Richardson

Gray Alliance is a group for LGBT seniors, and we get together twice a month for social functions.

We have a potluck the final Sunday of the month at the First Congregational Church Fireside Room from 2-4 pm. It’s located at the south end of the church campus at 2131 N Van Ness Blvd in Fresno. Please note that although we are using a church facility, Gray Alliance has no religious affiliation.

The second Wednesday of the month at 6 pm we meet at different restaurants. Here are the two restaurants we will be attending next:

November 13th, El Mariachi, 3046 W Bullard Ave, Fresno

December 22, Hino Oishi Japanese , 3091 E Campus Pointe Dr, Fresno

If you have any questions, please call John Richardson at 559-260-1565. Hope to see you soon!

David McGee


Fall has arrived with cooler weather, changing colors, and the smell of fireplaces burning! The change in temperature came so quickly, most of us had little time to change our wardrobes to cool weather clothing! Compared to previous years, our current group of Youth Alliance members is actually showing up to group dressed appropriately for the weather! They’re wearing long pants and jackets, which is a new phenomenon! Our youth usually dress in shorts and t-shirts throughout the year! We have such a clever bunch at this time!

The holidays are upon us! In our local stores and even on TV, we went from Halloween decorations and ads to Christmas decorations and ads overnight! Our Youth Alliance members talked about the holiday merchandising recently and decided it’s a shame that we don’t see more commercials and decorations for Thanksgiving, but we all agreed that since Thanksgiving is about family and friends, and not merchandise, we are stuck with the push for sales on Black Friday and Christmas shopping!


Our group leader, Rachel, AKA Banana, lead the group in a game of charades a few weeks ago. It was hilarious! Our group members came up with the clues the week before, and the following week when we played the game, one would never have known they had provided the words they were acting out! But it was a fun way to pass the night, and it allowed them to burn some of their energy!


Last week, the group had so much energy that Banana led them through some exercises to get them up and moving so they could expend their reserves. She had them group-up a half-dozen times, asking them to join other members based on their birth month, then astrological signs, then based on their favorite fruit, and then their favorite protein. Finally, she had them line up from smallest to tallest, which took forever as they argued about who was taller than whom! After all the physical activity, they were finally able to take turns talking about a subject without squirming around or interrupting each other! Wise Banana!

Our Grand Poobah, Jeffery Robinson, has been absent for a month! He’s been attending fundraising meetings and other adult-like activities around the county! And of course, since he broke his leg recently, he’s going to be missing for few more meetings! We wish Jeffery well and we look forward to the evening he can finally join us at the Youth Alliance meeting!

We save the last Friday of the month for our world-famous potluck. Of course, at the end of October, we had a Halloween party! Most of the youth dressed up in Halloween costumes! We had a costume contest, and everyone voted for their favorite costume! The winner was a Jason-the-serial-killer party-goer with fake blood and a toy chainsaw! Other folks dressed as cartoon characters and science fiction characters! We had plenty of food and plenty of noise! Everyone helped clean up at end of the party, which was a plus! In November, the Youth Alliance group leaders traditionally take the Friday after Thanksgiving Day off, so we’ll have our November potluck on Friday, November 22!

The Fresno LGBTQ Youth Alliance meets on Friday nights, at 7 PM, in the Fireside Room at the First Congregational Church (The Big Red Church), located at 2131 N. Van Ness, in Fresno. We welcome any and all LGBTQ youth and their allies, ages 14-25, to join us on Friday nights! Check out our Facebook page for reminders about the group! We usually post a reminder about the group meetings on Friday mornings! Just go to our Facebook page, “Fresno GLBTQ (yes, in that order) Youth Alliance,” to check it out!



Dia de los Muertos Fundraising Dinner



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Marsha Conant (left) pictured with Leilani Price


Marsha Conant

Good Evening Queers and Allies!


If you aren’t one and you are here you are the other. My straight friends were so excited when I told them they were Allies, it gave them an identity, they've been confused. I think they were jealous, we have all the cool acronyms!

Queer Hero - I am pretty sure that when Irene and Kenneth brought baby Marsha home they would never imagined this day. But, if they were still here, I can assure you that would be at the table prouder than punch.

Queer is not a word that has always had a positive connotation, it was a very derogative term and often used to ridicule and in anger often laced with curse words. Many of you in this room May still be uncomfortable with the term and I understand that! You can call me queer and it no longer hurts me. Now if you call me fat, that’s another matter.

Just as we embraced the words Gay and Lesbian rather than Homosexual, it is an evolution. Our growth. For those of you who have no idea who I am or why I would be receiving this award and are wondering…What is her super power? I will tell you..



I know that some of you want nothing to do with politics, you think that both parties are and the same and ther are no differences. There not. There have been over 900 attempts to chip away at our rights through changes in policy and legislation in the last 3 1/2 years. Some of you may think, I vote, that’s enough, it’s not! There are less than .1% of openly LGBTQ elected officials in this country! In Fresno County we only have 3. There are no women on the Fresno County Board of Supervisors and only one woman on the

Fresno City Council and none running. That’s shameful!


We need to run for office and be elected and represent our community. I am not suggesting everyone run out and file for office, it’s hard work and expensive, being the best candidate running does not mean you will be elected. You many even fail with a plan but let’s be strategic and find a race that fits and develop a plan! Get involved in politics in campaigns, learn the process.

I’m running for Fresno County Democratic Central Committee, that’s a good fit for me.

I had dinner with a friend a few weeks ago who I had not seen for several years. She is straight, white, affluent, Republican business woman, about my age. She said to me, “ I hear you're involved with politics and kind of gave me that look, like why, you have a good life, you're not discriminated against, what are you complaining about and why do you care?”

I said Jane if I lived in Georgia I could lose my job for being gay.

She said that’s not right!

I could be denied the right to buy a house or rent an apartment, because I’m gay

She said that not right!

I could be denied the ability to adopt and create my family, and she loves my family.

She said that’s not right!

I said no its not right! And that’s why I am involved in politics! As long as any of us can be

discriminated against our work is not done!

In 27 states LGBTQ people can lose their jobs, be denied housing, be discriminated against in employment because of religion. All because of who we love!


To say nothing of internationally where our sisters and brothers can be beaten and hung! This does not even account for the attacks on our Trans community! 20 trans women, have been murdered in the United States this year, 20, primarily women of color, and the number grows each month! The AMA has declared these murders an epidemic! That does not even take into consideration other challenges the trans community faces, the lack of housing, health care and employment opportunities. Give them jobs!

It scares me!

I know that some of you may not understand the Trans community, because I’ve heard what you say, “There didn’t use to be trans people, they just want attention, they’re confused, it’s a trendy thing” You don’t have to get it, but you do have to make an effort to understand and to support them! You have to show up!

Our LGBTQ Youth and Trans youth, are at higher risk of suicide than any other group! 40 of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ and 60% of those attempt suicide! We must step up, we must engage, and we must also support them. They must know it gets better and we are here! Our community struggles with a lot of issues, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, HIV and the long term effects of these. We need programs that help address these issues and not policy makers that turn a blinds eye

and want to cut programs.

Being gay is not for the faint of heart, it isn’t easy, even today!! 

I am President of Fresno Stonewall Democrats, the only LGBTQ Democratic Club in Fresno County. Some of you may have never heard of it, some of you may have heard negative things about it, I had. When I started attending there were some good people but there were no women, there was no diversity. I kept going back and dragging my friends there, they were also uncomfortable. I was elected President, there are a few other wonderful men and women who share my goals and the club is slowly changing, but we need your participation.

People tell me that young people don’t care and that I won’t get them involved because they don’t understand what it was like to live in fear. That LGBTQ Democratic Clubs are not relevant! I am here to tell you that that is bullshit, because as long as millions of LGBTQ citizens in this country continue to be denied rights. We are in CRISES! When the Supreme Court is currently hearing a bill to allow employment discrimination based on religion. When a North Carolina legislator introduces a bill to deny us our right to mariage. When a state legislatior call Pete Butteguge Pete Buttplug, WE ARE IN CRISES!

As long as you can get married on Saturday, post a photo on Sunday and be fired on Monday in most of this country this fight is not over. We’re just getting started! I believe if I can convince my friend Jane that discrimination against the LGBTQ community is not right and is ongoing I can persuade others to join me in this fight.

This is a call to arms, with voting and political engagement! I hope you will join me!

Be a Hero!

Nick Vargas

Mission Accomplished!

We did it!  Visalia OTE 2019 is done.  I am over-the-edge happy with how the day went.  We had a smooth event with great weather.  I was especially happy that so many people showed up to cheer you on.  You deserved it.


Moreover, we raised over $90,000 for The Source LGBT+ Center.  Wow!  We started fundraising very slowly, but you all rallied in the last few weeks to the tune of $60k!  Our community has people-power!  Indeed, The Source is a community driven effort.  And you certainly drove the results so that we can continue to stay open and grow.  


I'm so grateful to have met you all.  Your stories inspired me.  Especially the one's from parents and siblings going Over The Edge for their LGBT loved ones.  


Our area has come a long way since I was growing up here in the 90's.  But the comments on the newspaper articles/videos online let me know we still have a long way to go.  Please know that The Source is a safe space for you and your LGBT+ loved ones.  And your support ensures we will continue to be here and do more than ever before for our community.

Thank you again for your tremendously effective fundraising efforts.  You all have become partners in our work.  


Lifetime Achievement Award Speech Transcript
Peter Robertson
Thank you, Miguel Bueno, for introducing me.  
I’m honored and humbled to be standing before you this evening at the QueerOut Awards Gala. Congratulations to all of the awardees, as well as to their family members and allies. Thank you to everyone for being here tonight to celebrate with our Rainbow Community.  
Thank you to Common Space, its donors, volunteers, and leadership team led by Justin Kamimoto and Matt Broughton. 
The summer of 1984, I moved to Fresno for love – and eventually found myself loving Fresno, too. The special person that brought me to Fresno 35 years ago is still by my side tonight. I’m dedicating this award to my legally-wedded spouse, Victor Kral. 
Preparing for tonight’s comments has brought back some memories that our community has faced. Memories that I want to share with you. Some are happy, some are sad, and some are a little emotional and tender, too. There are three people here tonight that were with me 25-30 years ago: Albert Cano, Francine Oputa, and Joey Benevides. 
This recollection process also reminded me of the concept of Bridge Leaders. Bridge Leaders are defined as equity advocates for social justice on behalf of disenfranchised and marginalized communities. Bridge Leaders also unselfishly serve as a bridge for others. 
It was 32 years ago this fall that I entered Fresno State – a transfer student from Fresno City College, with an associate’s degree in my back pocket from Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, Wash. 
That fall semester of 1987, there was a small advertisement in THE DAILY COLLEGIAN – the student newspaper – with the details for an organizational meeting to establish a new student club – the Gay Lesbian Student Alliance, which today is known as United Student Pride. 
I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait for that meeting. I remember running up the travertine stairs to the third floor of the University Student Union. The room was packed with more than 100 people in attendance. Student Affairs required that 14 students provide their NAME, PHONE NUMBER and STUDENT ID NUMBER on a new student club form, which was passed around on a clipboard. As I was at the back of the room, I thought to myself: “This should be easy, as there are so many people here.” When the form got to me, however, I signed on as student member No. 11. Although there were more than 100 people there, it was a challenge for a majority of us to sign a document and be public about establishing this club. In fact, it would take another week to get the remaining signatures that were needed. We quickly realized that getting this new club up-and-running would be more challenging than we had expected. 


This evening, I want to thank and salute the other 13 founding members of the GLSA: Angela Welton, Barbara Cooper, Daniel McSwain, Frank Kuan, Ivan Tobias Vincent, Jack Tagawa, John Diaz, Junko Kunitake, Lynda Fischer, Martha McIntosh, Shirley Bruce, Sigrid Hawkins and Todd Mathisen. Thank you for being Bridge Leaders way back when. 


Additional heartfelt thanks to our advisor: Sari Dworkin. Thank you for mentoring us, leading by example, and for being a BRIDGE LEADER AMONG BRIDGE LEADERS. 


Even with adversity, our little Rainbow group of students had a magical and memorable time at Fresno State. Some members thought we were too political. Other members thought we were too social. One of our goals was to expand the awareness for the need of equal rights for all – in education, in housing and in employment. 


We would meet, daily, for lunch at a small wooden booth in the Free Speech area. Students would harass and taunt us. They would walk by and call us names –“faggots, Queers, sinners, and AIDS spreaders.” Some would scream and tell Bible verses at us. And, others would even spit on us.  


That Thanksgiving weekend, our booth in the Free Speech area was burned to the ground – a victim of arson. No one was ever convicted. 


Our little club became smaller, but now we were angry. Protests and rallies were held. Some supporting us, some against us. Even two anti-GLSA groups started – one straight, and believe it or not, another one gay. 
So, we built a new, monumental booth, designed in the post-modern style by Arlis Rossiter. It was 8 feet high, 8 feet wide and 8 feet deep. That’s 64 square feet of real estate in the Free Speech area. We painted it pink and lavender with yellow accents. It was stunning! THANK YOU ARLIS – for being a BRIDGE LEADER. 


Our new booth got tagged a few times and even got tipped over a few times. So a trip to Orchard Supply Hardware with Durk Hubel – and we re-painted the booth bright fuchsia and day-glow purple, with gold leaf accents. It really was fabulous! And we finally got left alone. THANK YOU DURK – for being a BRIDGE LEADER. 


The following year, the fall semester of 1988, found the GLSA in the midst of participating in the inaugural National Coming Out Day, and promoting awareness regarding HIV/AIDS that were both met with hostile protests. GLSA asked students and allies to show their support of October 11th by wearing pink and lavender, while BARRY GROVE, in an opinion-editorial article in THE DAILY COLLEGIAN publicly asked that “homosexuals stay in the privacy of their own homes” and for students “to wear black arm bands” since being gay or lesbian means “death of a way of life.” 


The following spring semester of 1989 was a pivotal one for the GLSA when we hosted a statewide LGBTQ student conference on Presidents’ Day weekend. Speakers included Cleve Jones and Zeke Zeidler – both BRIDGE LEADERS – then and still to this day. 
That Saturday afternoon, five members of the Fresno Klavern of the KU KLUX KLAN made an appearance driving around campus, while wearing white hoods and standing on the back of a flatbed truck. Our conference was immediately placed on lockdown – no one was allowed to enter, and no one was allowed to leave. We sat, in silence, waiting. Some of us crying, some of us praying, but all of us frightened with the unknown and what might happen 
Later that night, however, we celebrated and embraced our community’s diversity and held a drag show in the Satellite Student Union that attracted nearly 650 attendees. 


These are just a few challenges from our club’s first two years of existence. And, it helps to put into perspective the importance of remembering where our community has been, celebrating where we are now, and hoping for a better tomorrow. 


Another group that was established at Fresno State includes FRESNO REEL PRIDE. In 1990, the members of the GLSA established the annual film festival that recently celebrated its 30th year. The leadership team included: Co-founder KEN FRIES, along with GLSA Officers – BRAD SEIPLE, MATT CUNNINGHAM, DURK HUBEL, MANOJ MEHTA, CAREN THOMAS, plus co-advisors – SARI DWORKIN and CARYN HORWITZ. Thank you to all of them for being BRIDGE LEADERS. 
Finally, a philanthropic project that’s near and dear to my heart is the BULLDOG PRIDE FUND. It’s an endowed scholarship that was established nearly 15 years ago with two $50 donations. Thank you to LETICIA REYNA CANO, who’s sitting at Table 13, for nudging me, as she’s the first donor. The BULLDOG PRIDE FUND has one simple mission – “To support students attending Fresno State.” Today, the BULLDOG PRIDE FUND has raised more than $550,000 for its endowment and has provided 66 scholarships valued at $127,000. 
I want to introduce you to just a handful of the current and past scholars that are here with us tonight – BELLE VANG, BLAKE ZANTE, DANIEL GONZALEZ, DAUSHA CALHOUN, JUSTIN KAMIMOTO, and MIGUEL BUENO. The BULLDOG PRIDE SCHOLARS and ALUMNI are also BRIDGE LEADERS. 
I must add that if you’re interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the BULLDOG PRIDE FUND, please let me know. I’m sitting at Table 12. The BULLDOG PRIDE FUND is also participating in Fresno State’s DAY OF GIVING on Thursday, November 7th, so I hope you’ll make a gift within that 24-hour period! 

In closing, above the doorway of a conference room at the Fresno City College library, which used to be the original Fresno State College library, are four Latin words, chiseled in stone: BONUS INTRA. MELIOR EXI. 


BONUS INTRA translates to English as “Enter good.” And, MELIOR EXI translates as “Exit better.” 


That is what a library and higher education does for so many of us. You enter good and You exit better.  
This is also what BRIDGE LEADERS provide for our community. We enter our good community, and We will exit leaving our community better. 

By being present tonight and supporting the QUEEROUT AWARDS GALA, all of you are BRIDGE LEADERS! There are approximately 450 people here tonight. Please remember that you are 1 of 450 BRIDGE LEADERS in the City of Fresno. 




Thank you. 


Zoyer Zyndel

You are cordially invited to the 2019 Transgender Day of Remembrance 
on Friday, November 22nd, 2019. The resource fair is from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, viewing of art is from 6:30pm to 7pm, and the event program begins at 7:00pm and ends at 9:00pm. TDOR will be hosted by Trans-E-Motion and The Cross Cultural and Gender Center at Fresno State at 5241 N. Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93740 at the North Gym room 118.

The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance is an event to honor the lives of transgender individuals who lost their lives due to murder or suicide. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about transgender existence in our own community. This event is intended to provide a safe space for transgender people and their allies to honor those we lost this year.


The event will feature singing, poetry, and art on display. Inspirational speakers will address the topic of transgender experiences, gender diversity, inclusion, and the importance of being an ally to the transgender community. Information on supportive services and organizations in the local area will also be available. Finally, a reading of names will be held to honor transgender individuals who have died due to violent crimes or suicide this past year

Zoyer Zyndel (right) pictured with Matt Broughton

Zoyer Zyndel 


Hey there!  My name is Zoyer and my pronouns are he, they, and zie,  and the best way you can advocate for the transgender community is to introduce with  yours every time you speak or introduce yourself.  

First off thank you to all of you – the community because it is you all that makes these events possible. Why don’t you give yourselves all a round of applause.  

I just got a couple of things to say. One is I have been very involved since I was 17 years old and now I am 33 years old.  I got a message about from Robin McGehee about 3 different events. I wish she was here. Robin is my hero. She sent me a text message about the Pride Parade and the Diversity Club which is now called the LGBT Spectrum Club. I attended both of those. That kind of began my involvement in the community thereafter. I am on the board of PFLAG Fresno. I am the Chair of Trans-E-Motion. It is a transgender advocacy organization. I am involved in Fresno Rainbow Pride and Festival handling public relations.  I am part of the Rainbow Alumni club.  I am the former President of United Student Pride at Fresno State; that’s the LGBT student organization at Fresno State. I am the former president of Diversity club.  I am a title holder of the Imperial Dove Court in Fresno, and I’ll just stop there.  

The reason why I got involved is because I was very lonely growing up in Clovis with very little to no LGBT resources.  I remember not seeing any role models from my community and feeling very alone.  I remember how important it was for me to meet other LGBT people like me and how that helped with the feelings of isolation and depression.  Being involved in the groups helped me to feel a part of something bigger than myself as it helped to normalize my experience as a transgender person. I initially came out as a bisexual female, then a lesbian, then a transgender man, and then a pansexual transgender man, and later a pansexual transgender man who also identifies as gender fluid. I used to joke saying that I came out as every letter of the LGBTQ acronym until I got to the right one.  It was the help of being involved in my community that facilitated the evolution of my identity. 

I remember that I never wanted anyone to feel as lonely as I did.  When I was in high school my guidance counselor told me that if I did not want to be picked on then the best option was not for me to tell anyone about me.  This left me feeling like I did not matter and that there was nowhere in society that would accept me.  I never thought that I would be hired, taken seriously as a professional, or be loved as a transgender person. I began my education career in special education.  I came from very humble beginnings.  I used to hide in the bathroom during lunch time so no one would see that I had no friends.  And now I stand before you with a Master’s Degree, confident in who I am.  I believe that everyone should have a seat at the table and everyone should be counted and included and given the opportunity to participate in their community.  I know for me, the community saved my life because it gave me a purpose and a reason to give back to others.  

I think of why I remain involved and I reflect of what my friend, a transwoman, had said once.  She said that it was magical and so very validating for our people to be seen as themselves. Think for a moment from a trans person’s experience and imagine never being seen as your true self – can you imagine for a moment how alienating that would be? For a community that continues to strive hard despite the murders, despite the suicidal ideations, despite homelessness, despite the lack of access to health care and employment – to still get up every day and continue to live authentically.  This is what I consider to be true resilience!  

I want to thank my family – because without their support I would not be able to contribute as I have.  They have supported me in higher education and have accepted me as the genderfluid trans man I am. It is an honor to work in mental health.  I look forward to my future to help change the statistics for LGBTQ people of all ages.  This is the hope I live because of you, my community.  




The big top has come down.  Kampout Goes to the Circus has come to an end.  What a great weekend it was for the over 110 kampers who attended.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, days in the low 80’s and comfortable nights. 

We had a lot of kampers arrive early this year, and they were treated to some relaxation before the festivities began.  Thursday evening, an unexpected early beer bust was held at the main kamp.


On Friday morning, kampers began to arrive.  After setting up their kamps, they gathered at the main kamp to play Kampout Bingo, hosted by and prizes donated by Oscar and Steve.  Thank you so much for this fun addition to Kampout. 

The Progressive Koctail Party, our official “meet and greet” on Friday night made 4 stops, starting at the cabins and hosted by the Kampout Committee.  Making the trek down, kampers stopped at Jeff Hough’s for an impromptu stop…thank you Jeff.  On to the IDC and their fabulous Freak Show kamp, then back to the Fun House, sponsored by the Oscar and Steve (The Long Beach Boys) and Eli and Dennis. Thank you all for hosting these great stops.  The Progressive ended at the main kamp, with a beer bust sponsored by the Red Lantern and Kampout Karaoke. 

Saturday was, as always, a busy day.  Starting out with a great breakfast by the Kampout Committee, kampers got ready to participate in the fun and games scheduled throughout the day.  Kampers started building their boats to race in the Yacht Regatta.  The Needle in the Haystack search continued and then it was time for Kamptown Races, which is always a lot of laughs.  

Saturday night’s beer bust was sponsored by Alibi, and was followed by a great dinner provided by the Kampout Committee, consisting of pulled pork on a French roll and 4 salads. 

Saturday’s festivities continued with the always fun Kampstravganza Show, which opened with a beautiful rendition of God Bless America, sung by Rick a.k.a Maxie Grant.  Thank you so much to reigning Empress Victoria de Leon for a great job as M.C.  Many performers graced the Coleman lantern footlights to entertain the crowd, and compete for the titles of Kampout King and Kampout Kween.  What an incredible show they put on. 

So, on to the winners of the weekend’s contests.  In the Yacht Regatta, the  best decorated boat went to Lynda.  In the races, 1st place and the title of Kamp Komodore went to Kevin, 2nd Amanda, and 3rd Tena.  The Needle in the Haystack winners were Karen, Danny and Chris.  Kamptown Races winners were: for Drag Race, 1st Danny, 2nd Sunny, and 3rd Ray.  Ring Toss was won by Joey.  The Balloon Pop 1st place team was Danny, Keith, Ronny, Josh, and Travis.  And for Musical Chairs, 1st Keith, 2nd Tena, and 3rd Doug.  Best Kampsite Decorating went to the IDC for their Freak Show and to the Long Beach Boys for their Fun House.  Kamp King was Frankie and Kamp Kween was Electra City.  Congratulations to all our winners. 

The Kampout Committee would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, without their help, we couldn’t do this.  Thank you to Virgil Wigley and the Red Lantern and to Jeff Hough, Alibi and Club Legends, for donations of the kegs for Friday and Saturday’s beer busts.  Thank you to Fresno Pride Lions for your donation.  Thank you to Peeps and Shawnie of the HLK for donating prizes.  We would also like to thank all of our volunteers who helped out before and during Kampout. 

Kampout officially ended on Sunday with another wonderful breakfast provided by the Kampout Committee. 

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of Kampout, and the theme for next year’s Kampout will be “A Hike Down Memory Trail”.  This will be a celebration of the best of Kampout.  Pick your favorite theme from the past and run with it.  The Kampout Committee will be posting an updated list of prior themes on their webpage  The dates for Kampout 2020 will be Friday, September 11 through Sunday September 13.  Mark your calendars now and join us to celebrate 40 years of Kampout


Stonewall Democrats National Coming Out Day And 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Riots

Leon Velasco


Not everyone has learned about the Fresno Spectrum Center for the LGBTQ2+ and Allies needing connections to local resources for emergency, or crisis needs; or a safe zone to enjoy activities we have at the center free of judgment or criticism.  


We are in central Fresno, north west corner of Blackstone and Princeton Ave. We invite everyone to drop and get to know the facility and become familiar with the pleasant volunteers who help keep it open. Volunteers are always welcome to join the team; especially bilingual individuals. 


The Fresno Spectrum Center is proud to have some activities and projects already available for the community to participate. Not only do we provide a space for meetings, support groups, and socials but we also have: 


  • Art Night first Fridays of the month 6p-8p 

  • Gayme Day every Saturday 2p-6p 

  • Youth Tyme Third Saturdays Nov. 16 2p – 4p 

  • Transgender Art Night Third Tuesdays Nov 19 6:30p – 9:30p 

  • Hmong Intersectional Support Group - call for Details 

Coming Soon: 

  • SPECTRUM STORY HOUR, children's story hour, read by drag kings, drag queens, faux kings and queens. 

  • YOGA By Sophie, for lgbtq2+ and allies, Mondays starting in January. 


  • SENIOR MEET UP, coming on Wednesdays TBA. 

  • HIV testing, coming soon. 

  • HEALTH CLINIC, to start in early 2020. 

  • WORKSHOPS, on lgbtq2+ cultural sensitivity, nonprofit start up and grants sharing. 

If you have a nonprofit community benefitting organization and would like to partner up with the coalition of organizations in the Fresno Spectrum Center, feel free to contact Randy Velasco-Stoll Vice President at the office during open hours. 

Copy of TDOR 2019.jpg
Holiday Drive Announcements  2019.jpg


Anchor 3
Legs in Jeans


"I decided to walk out because I wanted to take a stand," one classmate said. The school has not admitted any wrongdoing.

Alex Bollinger
Reposted from


A lesbian student who was punished and tormented for years by school administration to keep her from having a girlfriend spoke out, and then 200 of her classmates staged a protest to support her.

Last week, Buzzfeed News published an article about Magali Rodriguez, who was a student for three years at Bishop Amat Memorial High School in Upland, California.

continue reading at


Conservatives in America are already saying that the grant will lead to pedophilia.

Alex Bollinger
Reposted from


The Swedish government just approved a major grant to fund drag shows for kids.

The Swedish Inheritance Fund, which is a fund of money from people who die without leaving a will or family to inherit their wealth, approved a grant of 1.7 million Swedish Krona (around $175,000) to the MUMS Cultural Association in order to organize shows with the group “Among Dragons and Drag Queens” in Stockholm.

Colorful Books
continue reading at

David McGee


A children’s book author, Robin Stevenson, accused a school district in Wheaton, Illinois of canceling her visit to one of their schools due to a parent’s objection to their child reading the book she recently released, which included a chapter on Harvey Milk. Stevenson said her visit was abruptly canceled without explanation on the day before her scheduled visit. On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Stevenson released an open letter to the superintendent of schools and the school board on her website, which was republished in the local Illinois newspaper, The Daily Herald. In her letter, she scolded the school district for kowtowing to the homophobia of a single parent and denying its students the opportunity to hear her presentation about champions of change.



David McGee

The seventh edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) has announced its endorsement of the use of “they” as a singular third-person pronoun for non-binary and gender neutral individuals. This announcement means that the APA is recognizing and validation the existence of non-binary people. According to an APA representative Chelsea Lee, the use of “they” is “inclusive of all people and helps writers avoid making assumptions about gender.” Lee went on to say that respectful and inclusive language is important and has now become a part of the APA style of writing, which is used by colleges and universities nationwide.


David McGee

The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, of South Dakota, has become the second tribe to adopt a hate crime law protecting LGBTQ people. The law is modeled after the Matthew Shepard Act, signed by President Obama in 2009. The new Crow Creek policy means that offenders will face a $1,000 fine and increased jail time in addition to any penalties from applicable federal laws. Marlow Medicine Crow Jr, who is on the Crow Creek Tribal Law and Order Committee, noted that the tribe is a small community and “nobody wants their kids or families to be picked on.” In September, 2019, the Oglala Sioux Tribe, also in South Dakota, was the first tribe pass a hate crimes law that included protection for LGBTQ citizens.


David McGee

The Texas-based Anti-LGBTQ Alliance Defending Freedom has stopped its Supreme Court battle to house transgender women with men because the Trump administration has taken up the cause. The Trump administration seeks to overturn the policy adopted by President Obama that allowed inmates to be housed according to their gender identity. The ADF has stated that it will watch the Trump administration’s handling of the case and will restart its battle if it doesn’t like the outcome. Gillian Branstretter, the media relations manager for the National Center for Transgender Equality, has commented that the ADF seems “solely dedicated to the erasure of transgender people both in the legal sense, and increasingly, in a societal sense.”


Couple Showing Affection


David Hudson 
Reposted from

Campaigning organization GLAAD says US TV is telling more LGBTQ stories and featuring more queer characters than ever before.


The findings came in its annual ‘Where We Are On TV’ report, which it released yesterday.

The report offers a “comprehensive forecast of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (LGBTQ) characters expected in primetime scripted programming in the 2019-20 television season.”

continue reading at


They're owned by Facebook, the social media giant who allows politicians to lie in political ads. But telling gay and bi men about PrEP is too far?

Alex Bollinger
Reposted from


Instagram is banning ads for PrEP directed at gay and bi men for being too political. The site is owned by Facebook, which has made it a matter of principle to accept political ads even if they’re untrue.

Apicha Community Health Center – a New York City health care provider that focuses on serving people of color, LGBTQ people, and people living with HIV – tried to place an ad campaign on Instagram to raise awareness about PrEP, the medication regimen that has been shown to be 99% effective in preventing the transmission of HIV if taken as directed.


California wants to ensure that transgender and non-binary people can vote.

Alex Bollinger 
Reposted from


Poll workers in California will receive training on how to properly help transgender and non-binary voters.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D) announced a partnership with Equality California, an LGBTQ organization. Poll workers will undergo training before the state’s March 3, 2020, primary elections.

Vote buttons on flag
continue reading at
continue reading at


Anchor 4

Devin Randall
Reposted from


Prince Harry and former rugby star Gareth Thomas joined together to talk about the importance of being tested for HIV.

Thomas and Harry met with players on the King’s Cross Steelers team, the first gay rugby club, and rugby club Harlequins to discuss the health issue. This event was the prince’s idea, which he initiated by texting his support of Thomas after the latter revealed his HIV status.

continue reading at
Clover Leaves

Matt Tracy
Reposted from


Same-sex marriage and abortion rights are finally due to arrive in Northern Ireland, with the reforms becoming law three months after the British Parliament voted to approve the measures, representing a significant step forward for a territory that has long been gripped by conservative values.


The new laws, which went into effect at midnight on October 22, provide women in Northern Ireland with rights that have been in place in the rest of the United Kingdom since 1967. Abortions will become decriminalized immediately and folks will be able to undergo abortions for free beginning in March of 2020, according to The Guardian.

continue reading at


The men were targeted by a homophobic mob so they called police. The police arrested them instead of the mob.

Alex Bollinger
Reposted from


Uganda has stepped up its repression of LGBTQ people and reportedly arrested 16 activists on charges related to gay sex.

The sixteen men ages 22 to 35 were arrested this past Monday at the office of a sexual health organization – Let’s Walk Uganda, where they lived and worked.

Police Cars
continue reading at

Enlighten Me

Anchor 5

Mark Langfeld


Beliefs need to be updated and challenged. Your beliefs are just your perspective on things. It is not the absolute truth. Think back ten years. Didn’t you have beliefs that now seem unfounded—even irrational? At the time, you were quite sure you were right. However, knowing what you know now, you would never hold those same outdated beliefs again. As a child, perhaps you thought you were born to be an astronaut or ballet dancer only to have lost interest in those things a few years later.

But let’s back up a little. Before you can even have beliefs, you need words to describe them—at least in most cases. And words are an interesting thing. After all, you cannot think an intellectual thought without words. It’s true. That said, what was going through your mind when you were an infant and hadn’t, yet, learned a language? (Now there’s something to meditate on.)

What if you were abused at a pre-verbal age? You wouldn’t have any words to describe the event, would you? You would only have images and feelings without the intellectual ability to process the information from that experience. How would that affect the formation of your beliefs?

Well, I can tell you this much… I worked with mentally ill clients who had a history of severe abuse at a pre-verbal age. As adults, they now have a very tough time putting their feelings about the past into words. Instead, they express themselves by acting out. They throw themselves onto the floor, have temper tantrums, scratch at their arms and legs, and periodically make feign suicide attempts. All this drama just to communicate how they feel when they think about the abuse they experienced as children.

Some clients find they can express themselves more reasonably through art therapy. Their drawings, clay sculptures, and sketches can provide them with an avenue of expression that they could not ordinarily get from verbal communication.

Although everyone has suffered to some degree, the good news is you can change your beliefs from viewing yourself as a victim to viewing yourself as a survivor. Although you cannot change the past, you can learn from it and become wiser. In that way, you are changing your beliefs about those past experiences.

If you currently hold the belief that you are a victim, it is time to update that belief. You are not a child anymore, nor are you living in the past. It’s time for a reality check. You have lived through that experience which makes you a survivor, not a victim. As of this moment, transform that old belief of being a victim, and embrace your new belief as a survivor.

Do you feel the difference? Can you feel the energy shift? Being a victim is a helpless feeling. Being a survivor is empowering! As an empowered individual, you are in a better position to understand and help others who have experienced similar abuse. You see, your new belief as a survivor has a purpose. That’s turning a negative into a positive!

Likewise, just as there are no words at a pre-verbal age, there are also no words to describe the spirit world accurately. People who have visited the spirit realm understand what this means. Human language is part of the physical world with physical reference points. The spirit world is nonphysical, so words from the physical plane cannot describe it.

I, too, have had my spiritual experiences which are indescribable using words. Somehow those experiences have given birth to new beliefs within me—beliefs without words. Is this possible? (Hmmm, something else to meditate on.)

While we are on the topic of beliefs, labels are also words that create beliefs. These labels describe us and segregate us into rolls, classes, and stereotypes. Once we have formed these preconceived beliefs about ourselves, we tend to dismiss any evidence that doesn’t fit our beliefs. This type of thinking can quickly lead to prejudice.

Something to meditate on today. Question your beliefs—all your beliefs! This activity takes courage because some of those beliefs formed the foundation upon which you have built your life. Even so, be strong enough to question your beliefs. If they still ring true to your spirit, keep them. If not, drop them like a bad habit because that is what they are.


New Wellness

Anchor 6

Ron Blake

The health and well-being of our LGBTQ community depends on us all telling our stories. 

It is important the new generation understands the past. It is important the mature generation never forgets. And it’s very important to share our stories of where we are today. The bad…and the good.  

Last month I visited the University of Wyoming for the first time. I came with my big awareness project about sexual and domestic violence that I’ve taken on a cross country odyssey over the past four years. 

I was cautioned by supporters and advocates around the nation to be careful on my journey for several reasons. I was traveling alone. I am gay. And I was coming to Laramie, Wyoming. 

People reminded me of the Matthew Shepard story of tragedy and hate from 21 years ago in this city. I was further reminded that this is a conservative state. 

Matthew was the college student who was taken away from a bar by two men to a rural area outside of Laramie. He was then tied to a fence post, beaten, and killed. All because he was gay. 

On my journey to reach a symbolic goal I’ve given a TEDx talk and have spoken out in dozens of colleges and cities about my story of sexual and domestic violence so that I can find recovery while helping others find their healing too. 

Part of that story involves me speaking out as a survivor who is not just a man…but a gay man. 

But I did not let this history of hatred for gays stop me from coming to Laramie and the University of Wyoming. We can’t live our lives in fear or stay stuck in the past. Or we will never be able to live at all. So I went there anyway. 

Sure I realize there are people who do not accept me or like me because I am gay. However, I didn’t experience hatred during my one day and overnight while in Laramie. 

The students at UW and the residents of the city listened to my story of trauma into triumph. They offered their support for my efforts to get my project to the symbolic goal so I can help millions of survivors find esperanza in a unique way. 

Stigmas take a long time to erase. The stigma about male survivors of sexual and domestic violence. The stigma about gay men. And the stigma about Laramie and the hate crime murder of UW student Matthew Shepard. 

I appreciate that residents and students were warm and inviting to me on my recent visit to Laramie and the University of Wyoming. They treated me as more than a survivor. As more than a gay man. They all treated me as their brother. That is the story I will share with the world. 

This article is brought to you by the letters LGBTQ. That Sesame Street guy who proudly authored this story is Ron Blake and you can let him know everything’s A-OK (or not) at


Uncle Barbie

Anchor 7

Your Intellectual Whore
"An effervescently gay
advice columnist."


Disclaimer: Although the author of this syndicated column holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, the tongue-in-cheek advice given is for entertainment only and is not a substitute for therapy. Barbie responds to all emails...whether you deserve it or not. Send your questions to Uncle Barbie at:



Dear Uncle Barbie,

I gave birth to a beautiful boy last year in March. When I was in the hospital with him for a few days after the c-section, the social worker said that I wasn't learning fast enough to take care of him, and I was also recovering from a schizoaffective relapse. I wanted to give him up for adoption from the beginning, but the father wouldn't let me. Now he has our son and I feel really powerless. He raped me in the past, or at least I feel that it was rape. I would say no several times and he would tell me that I might as well just give up because he wasn't going to let me fall asleep until he got off. I wrote a letter to his mother, who is helping take care of our child, saying what he did. So now they both probably hate me, and I find it extremely hard to get over the grudge I have with the father, and I don't know what my place should be as a mother. I don't feel like I am a mother because I'm six hours away from my son, and I don't feel confident about taking care of him, anyway. I feel like a horrible mom. I don't know what I want you to tell me, or if anything would make me feel better. I don't want to be a mom. I just want my son to be happy.

Signed, Sad Mom


Hello Sad Mom,

Don’t be so hard on yourself. As long as you are doing the best you can with what you have, there is no need to get down on yourself for not doing more. How can you do more than what you are able to do? Who is to decide the absolute definition of a “good mom?” Just do your very best, and don’t worry what others may think. We all have our own capabilities (physical and mental). If your schizoaffective disorder limits your mental capacity, then you will only be frustrated by comparing yourself to others. (If you have a therapist, this would be a good topic for discussion during your next session.)


Since you indicated that your child was taken away from you, I am assuming that you must have gone through a court proceeding (including a psychological evaluation to determine parental competency). I have conducted such evaluations for clients who were headed to court to fight a child custody battle. As their therapist, I would give testimony as an “expert witness” on the mental state of the clients. I am telling you this because, if you went through a similar hearing, then you need to know that you have a right to an appeal. Talk to a county social worker or a legal aid service to be informed of your rights. They can give you legal advice; I can only give you emotional support and understanding.


You mentioned in your letter that you believe you have been raped by your boyfriend. Regardless of what the criminal laws say, I believe that you ALWAYS have a right to refuse sex--even with a spouse. He needs to respect your answer of “No!” To physically force or emotionally pressure someone into having sexual contact, of any kind, is a violation of your dignity as a human being. (Again, this delicate issue would be best discussed privately with your therapist.)


Towards the end of your letter, you expressed concern about the possibility that the child’s father and his mother may hate you. There is no need to trouble yourself with such worries. It really doesn’t matter what they think of you. What YOU think of yourself is far more important. As to your question about how to get over the grudge you have for the father of your child, I suggest that you change your thought pattern. Stop thinking so much about him, and focus more on your child. People can only focus on one thought at a time, so make that thought about caring for your baby. You can literally push the resentment out of your mind by replacing it with feelings of love for someone else. You say that you just want your son to be happy. Then let go of the bitterness regarding this whole situation, and keep your thoughts on loving your little boy. Even if you are not able to be physically involved with your child, you can still hold loving thoughts about him in your mind. I think that would make you a much happier person.

Love & Light, Barbie




Anchor 8
Astrology Map

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
You have made some promises that you can not keep. Changes are going on beyond your control. Do what you can and that will be that. 

TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)
Talk about the apple cart being turned over. You need to clear the air and see what's going on. Bite your tongue for a short time and it will all pass. 


GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) 
Time to check everything out in your life. Income, health, relationships, whatever. Make practical adjustments and move forward. Some romance might be in the offering.  


CANCER (June 22 - July 22)
Very creative and awareness here. You enjoy others and they enjoy you. This is a very satisfying time in your life. 


LEO (Jul 23 - Aug 22)
Really busy time for you this holiday. Don't burn yourself out by trying to do too much. Physical exercise is a good release right now. 


VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)
You are doing pretty good now. You're creative and energy flows in harmony for you. Excellent time to push forward. 


LIBRA (Sep 23 - Oct 22)
You probably spent money you shouldn't have. It's done. Move forward and make rational plans. It's time to think. 


SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
Its all about what you want to do so do it. You have a lot of energy and ideas you can use. It's time for accomplishments.  


SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
One more chance at opportunity so you may want to take it. If not keep yourself busy with everyday matters until you know what you really want.  


CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
Well hard work is finally going to pay off. You are going through a chage and you are going to make it happen. You are the leader of the pack for now.  


AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
You probably have been feeling that you do not know whats going on. You're human. Let others know that and you will be O.K. 


PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)
Finally you get your spending under control so work out a budget now. You move forward and opportunity will come knocking on your door.


Not To Be Missed

Anchor 9

Universal Studios


Get in the festive spirit with all-new holiday experiences at Universal Studios Hollywood, from November 2019-January 2020! Surrounded by holiday décor, you can celebrate Christmas in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, enjoy the Who-tacular Grinchmas celebration, and take selfies with the mischievous Minions! End your day at Universal City Walk, where you can enjoy world-class dining, shopping, and movies. For more information, go to


Levi Kreis


The LA LGBT Center’s Renberg Theatre, in Los Angeles, is presenting Levi Kreis, Home for the Holidays, on December 7, at 8 PM. When Kreis last appeared at the Renberg Theatre, he was hailed as having “a voice to make angels weep and audiences scream.” Kreis’

Home for the Holidays event infuses gospel, country, rockabilly, and jazz music into a flawless collection of Christmas classics and holiday favorites. Tickets for this event are $35 in advance, or $40 at the door. Tickets are available online at or by calling the box office at 323-860-7300. The Renberg Theatre is located at 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA, 90038


Hamilton, The Musical


San Francisco


From November 9, 2019, through December 27, 2019, the Orpheum Theatre, in San Francisco, is proud to bring Hamilton, one of the hottest Broadway performances, to San Francisco, CA, for a live musical performance. Hamilton is a song-and-rapped musical about the

life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, with music, lyrics, and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Tickets for this event start at $150. The Orpheum Theatre is located at 1192 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102. For tickets, go to, or your favorite ticket seller!


Gingerbread House At The Fairmont

San Francisco

Nothing rings in the holidays like visiting the Fairmont Hotel’s massive gingerbread house, in San Francisco. Each year the hotel’s talented culinary and engineering teams work together to create an edible two-story Victorian house with more than 10,250 gingerbread bricks and 1,650 pounds of candy. The gingerbread house stands more than 25 feet high! Viewing the

gingerbread house is free. Parties of 10 or more can reserve the dining room for afternoon tea or dinner. Afternoon tea starts at $89 per person. The Fairmont Hotel is located at 950 Mason St, San Francisco, Ca, 94108. For more information, go to


Cirque Dreams Holidaze




The Saroyan Theatre, in Fresno, presents Cirque Dreams Holidaze, on Thursday, December 5, 2019, at 7:30 PM. Cirque Dreams Holidaze lights up the 2019 holiday season with its popular and electrifying stage spectacular. The New York Times proclaims the event is a “delicious confection of charm, sparkle, and talent by the sleigh-load.” The Saroyan Theatre is located at 700 M Street, Fresno, CA, 93721. Tickets for this event start at $40. For tickets, go to the Fresno Convention Center box office, or buy them online at Ticketmaster.




The Nutcracker




The Saroyan Theatre, in Fresno, will present the Central California Ballet’s The Nutcracker, on Saturday, December 14, 2019, at 7:30 PM. The Nutcracker is an 1892 two-act ballet, originally choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov with a score by Illiyich

Tchaikovsky. The Nutcracker has become a holiday tradition world-wide. The Saroyan Theatre is locates at 700 M Street, Fresno, CA, 93721. Tickets for this event start at $70. For tickets, go to the Fresno Convention Center box office, or buy them online at Ticketmaster.



Anchor 10


Youth Tyme (13 & Under)
Saturday, Nov 16 at 2 PM - 4 PM
Fresno Spectrum Center
2817 N. Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93703
NEW!!! It is an inclusive group for children, parents and caregivers who identify as LGBTQ2+ or are straight allies of the community. Focusing on self-love, acceptance of others, handling conflict and resiliency. We'll have a variety of activities, art projects, book readings and more. Parents or guardians MUST be present both hours as well. Invest in your child and in yourself; learn, bond and grow your relationship. Join us! We look forward to seeing you.

FAB Presents REHAB Sundaze (21+)
Sunday, Nov 17 at 12 PM
NO COVER. Get Unicorn CRUNK all day with great music and delicious specialty cocktails. Featuring our Bloody Mary and Red Beer Bar! Mimosa specials & more...

Art Night: Transgender Day of Remembrance
Tuesday, Nov 19 at 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Fresno Spectrum Center
2817 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93703
The focus of November's free art night will be to work together and make a collage for display at the Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 22nd. We hope to see you there.

FriendsGiving with LGBTFresno (21+)
Wed, Nov 20 at 6 PM - 8 PM
Dave & Buster's 
212 E River Park Cir, Fresno, CA 93720
Once again, join us as we'll have an entire party room as our safe environment. There will be plenty of tables and space! Please ask at check in to be directed to the private room. There will be a Greeter to check you in and hand out your rainbow ribbon pendant and have fun and food with us! Thanks to #DaveandBustersfFesno #LGBTFresno
Theme: Friendsgiving
*Wait-Staff for No host food and drink will be available for purchase.*
There will be door prizes and picture booth with Love & Thanksgiving props. This is not a couples event, this a come one or come as a pair or group to have fun with us.

World AIDS Day Resource Fair
Friday, Nov 22 at 9 AM - 1 PM
Wesley United Methodist Church of Fresno
1343 E Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93710
Join us for the World AIDS Day Resource Fair in Fresno! Live music, free HIV testing, health screenings, haircuts, and bags of food, not to mention giveaways and many other resources. For more information, contact, or call (559) 441-2732.

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Friday, Nov 22 at 5:30 PM - 9 PM
Fresno State, North Gym Rm 118
The event begins at 5:30 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. will consist of a resource fair and the formal program will begin at 7 p.m. and end at 9 p.m. TDOR will be hosted by Trans-E-Motion, Fresno State's Cross Cultural and Gender Center and Fresno State's Women's Studies Department at Fresno State (5241 N Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93740) in the North Gym, rm. 118. The parking code for the event is: 629149. Parking tickets can be purchased at parking ticket dispense meters by entering the code. 
The annual Transgender Day of Remembrance is an event to honor the lives of transgender individuals who died from murder or suicide.  It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about transgender existence in our own community. This event is intended to provide a safe space for transgender people and their allies to embrace their identities while memorializing those whose lives were cut short.

PFLAG Matinee: Real Boy
Sunday, Nov 24 at 1 PM - 3:30 PM
Wesley United Methodist Church of Fresno
1343 E Barstow Ave, Fresno, CA 93710
PFLAG Fresno, in partnership with the Reconciling Committee of Wesley UMC, present a PFLAG Matinee screening of REAL BOY on Nov 24 at Wesley Unitied Methodist Church Fireside Room. Doors open at 1:00 PM and the movie will start at 1:30 PM (72 minutes). There will be a discussion after the screening for anyone that has questions or insight to share. We are suggesting a $5 donation to attend this event and we'll also have reasonably priced drinks, snacks, and popcorn to go with your Sunday matinee. :)

Queer Talks LGBTQ+ Discussion Group
Wed, Nov 27 at 12 PM
Fresno State Cross Cultural and Gender Center
California State University Fresno, 93710
Come join us at our weekly LGBTQ+ discussion group- Queer Talks!
On Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. we'll be talking, building friendships, learning, and snacking! Will you be joining us?

Christmas on G Street
Sat, Dec 7 at 11 AM - 2 PM
Fresno Rescue Mission
263 G  St., Fresno, CA 93706
Hi Family & Friends! The Galyan's are partnering with family & friends to put on a Christmas BBQ & warm up the people in downtown Fresno! We will borrow the large parking lot of the Fresno Rescue Mission and turn it into a block party style Christmas party. We will be barbecuing hamburgers, providing hot drinks, cold drinks, Christmas presents for the children, live music, along with blankets and haircuts! We even have a special visitor from the North Pole who has decided to join us! 
Our main goal of this event is to show up and love on the people of Fresno who desperately need it! We are praying that people will feel the love of Jesus this day and will find hope during this Christmas season.

A DRAG QUEEN Christmas - The Naughty Tour
Sun, Dec 8 at 8 PM - 11 PM
Warnors Center
1400 Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721
A Drag Queen Christmas – The Naughty Tour. It’s a magical (and hilarious) evening of holiday performances featuring contestants from the reality television show on VH1. Here come the queens in their biggest holiday costumes with back-up dancers and a full stage production. All ages welcome. Warning – adult content (because they’re drag queens). Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm. There will be a 20-minute intermission. Presented by Murray & Peter. Get tour info at


Fresno Stonewall Democrats - Endorsement Meeting

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

5:30 PM - Social

6:15 PM  - Meeting

Yosemite Grill- Blackstone N of Shaw

Speaker & Topic: Louis Campo, Fresno County Voter Engagement is an initiative designed on engaging with Democratic and Democratic-leaning independents to activate their political power. Put succinctly, FCVE is political organizing based on a community organizing model.

Louie Campos is a long-time political and social activist from the Central Valley. He worked on several political campaigns in Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties.

FSD will make Candidate Endorsements

To vote in the endorsement you must be a registered Democrat and member of Fresno Stonewall Democrats, dues are $20 yearly.

Tiffany's Annual Christmas Party Fundraiser
Saturday, Dec 21 at 6 PM - 10 PM
Fresno, CA 
Come out and have a Jolly Good time all while supporting a good cause. Its time once again for Tiffany Taylor Tate's Annual Christmas Party. Enjoy a night featuring Christmas Cheer, Adult Drinks, Merry Treats, Raffles, Live Entertainment and Festive Decor, all while supporting the 30th Anniversary of the Fresno Rainbow Pride Parade and Festival. 
A $10 donation will get you in the door to enjoy the celebration! We are looking forward to seeing many of you here as we celebrate the season.
We also accept cash or checks at the door on the night of the event. (Make checks out to Community Link).
For additional information and the exact address please call Tiffany Taylor Tate at 559-213-1826 or Susan Kuhn at 559-224-2368.

Me-Mosa Drag Brunch: The Red Carpet
Sun, Jan 12, 2020 at 10:30 AM - 2 PM
The Grand Banquet Room at Fresno Breakfast House
2079 W Bullard Ave
Tickets will be available 11/11/2019 at
General Admission: $30
VIP Admission: $50
Message Leilani Price at 559-273-1601 for group sales or VIP packages.
*Entertain line up subject to change.
Early purchases are advised as we have sold out weeks before scheduled date.



Transgender Day Of Remembrance
Wed, Nov 20 at 4 PM - 6 PM
Bakersfield, CA
We stand with our transgender family and friends and rise to memorialize trans people who have lost their lives to hate violence this year. 
The event will occur from 4-6pm. 
There will be FOUR LOCATIONS for this event. Pick the one closest to you and meet us there!
Location 1:  Oswell @ Mall View
Location 2:  Ming & Ashe
Location 3:  Panama Ln & Wible
Location 4:  TBD 

We will have large banners at each location, and signs carrying the names #weremember.  This is a somber observance, so no need to bring anything else. If you are an ally of  trans people, you are welcome at this event.  Free of charge.
Sponsored by Stonewall Democrats and Bakersfield LGBTQ+.





Rainbow Family Night
Wed, Dec 4 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 M
Habitot Children's Museum
2065 Kittredge St., Berkley, CA 94704
LGBTQ parents are invited to join our facilitated support group to connect, share experiences, swap tips, and discuss issues relevant to our families, while kids have a great time playing in the Habitot Children's Museum's toddler haven. Rainbow Family Night takes place on the first Wednesday of each month, in partnership with Habitot Children's Museum.
Facilitated by Aisha Hamilton; for further info contact or call our Habitot hosts at (510) 647-1111 , ext. 16.



Les Club Potluck - Lesbian Entertainment Social Club
Saturday, Nov 16 at 5 PM - 7 PM
Merced Multicultural Arts Center - the MAC
The Les Club is a group of women who like women(lesbians, bi or pansexual, etc) that get together and have fun in and around Merced. 
We will be hosting a potluck for anyone who would like to get to know other like-minded women. Please bring a dish to share - if looking for inspiration we suggest a dish reflective of your cultural background. Dread preparing a dish yourself? Store bought food is just fine!
RSVP is strongly encouraged as it helps us prepare but it’s not neccessary. Http:// 
If you aren’t able to bring a dish please come anyway. This is all about community and we want to get to know you. The more the merrier!

Merced LGBTQ Men's Group
Tuesday, Nov 19 at 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Coffee Bandits
309 W. Main St, Merced, CA
What would you like for a Merced LGBTQ+ Men’s Group to be like? Come share your input and meet others in the community at this special meeting. For all gay, bisexual, pansexual and gender non-binary individuals who identify as a male who likes males. We hope to create a diverse group in regards to age and culture and strive for inclusivity. We look forward to meeting you!

LGBTQ+ Rainbow Circle Time (Ages 0-5)
Saturday, Nov 23 at 10 AM  -  11:30 AM
Merced County Library
2100 O. St., Merced, CA
For LGBTQ+ parents, children, caregivers and allies! For children 0-5. With story telling, music time, and games, there’s a variety for children and adults to engage in. Adults must remain present for entire group time. Held in the GRACEY ROOM of the Merced County Public Library.

LGBTQ+ Youth Social and Support Group
Saturday, Nov 23 at 12 PM
Merced Multicultural Arts Center - the MAC
645 W Main St, Merced, CA 95340
Hey you! Come join our LGBTQ+ youth support and social group. We are a super safe space to talk about all the things, and also just to play board games and get to know everyone. This group is for anyone 10-25. Run by youth, for youth!
PS, this is not childcare. If you or your kid is on the lower end of the age range, they must be mature, and able to interact appropriately with teens, and be very motivated to socialize with potentially older kids. Parents will remain on-call to pick up their child if any problem arises. That said, it is so important for people of all ages to be able to socialize with people who look like them, this has been shown to improve mental health outcomes across our lifespan. Please see our Kids group for those under 10, and our Friends and Families group where parents can find support for themselves.




LGBTQ+ Bowling Night
Monday, Nov 18 at 6:30 PM
Central Valley Pride Center
Modesto, CA
Call (209) 284-0999 for location of event.
LGBTQ+Bowling night every first and third Monday of the month at 6:30 pm!
Mention MoPride or Central Valley Pride Center and get two games and shoe rentals for $8!

Living Proud: World AIDS Day
Sunday, Dec 1 at 1 PM - 7 PM
Modesto Centre Plaza
1000 L St. Modesto, CA 95354
Join us for this free community event to raise awareness, commemorate those lost to AIDS-related illness, and unite to fight HIV while supporting those living with HIV and AIDS. 
In addition to our health fair with free HIV testing, you can also enjoy:
- Family friendly activities and entertainment!
- Shopping from local vendors and artist!
- Holiday gift wrapping!
- Prize raffle!
- And more!!!
World AIDS Day is important because it reminds the public and government that HIV has not gone away – there is still a vital need to raise money, increase awareness, fight prejudice and improve education.
Bring out the whole family and all your friends to show your support for this important cause.




Free Test Friday!
Friday, Nov 22 12 PM - 6 PM
The Source LGBT+ Center
208 W Main St, Visalia, CA
Appointments from 12pm to 2pm
Walk-ins from 4pm-6pm
-to schedule your appointment go to

HIV peer Support Group
Tue, Nov 26 at 6 PM
The Source LGBT+ Center
Visalia, CA
Peer Support+ Social group for LGBT+ people who are living with HIV/AIDS. 
Come for the resources, stay for the friendships :)
For more information contact

Silver Foxes
Sat, Dec 7 at 9 AM
The Source LGBT Center
Coffee. Talk. Purpose. Join us the first Saturday of the month for our first LGBT+ senior support group.  Facilitated by Associate Marriage and Family Therapist Melissa Hudson #75287 and organized by The Source. Join us for snacks, coffee, and friends. With support, we can thrive together! For more info contact


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